2024 Publications

  • Taxonomy of introns and the evolution of minor introns
    Anouk M Olthof, Charles F Schwoerer, Kaitlin N Girardini, Audrey L Weber, Karen Doggett, Stephen Mieruszynski, Joan K Heath, Timothy E Moore, Jakob Biran, Rahul N Kanadia
  • Minor intron–containing genes as an ancient backbone for viral infection?
    Stefan Wuchty, Alisa K White, Anouk M Olthof, Kyle Drake, Adam J Hume, Judith Olejnik, Vanessa Aguiar-Pulido, Elke Mühlberger, Rahul N Kanadia

2023 Publications

  • Augspach, A., Drake, K. D., Roma, L., Qian, E., Lee, S. R., Clarke, D., ... & Rubin, M. A. (2023). Minor intron splicing is critical for survival of lethal prostate cancer. Molecular cell. [abstract]
  • Girardini, K. N., Olthof, A. M., & Kanadia, R. N. (2023). Introns: the “dark matter” of the eukaryotic genome. Frontiers in Genetics14, 1150212. [abstract]

2022 Publications

  • Olthof, A. M., White, A. K., & Kanadia, R. N. (2022). The emerging significance of splicing in vertebrate development. Development149(19), dev200373. [abstract]

2021 Publications

  • White, A.K., Baumgartner, M., Lee, M.F., Drake, K.D., Aquino, G.S., and Kanadia, R., 2021. Trp53 ablation fails to prevent microcephaly in mouse pallium with impaired minor intron splicing. Development, 148(20):dev199591. [abstract]
  • Olthof, A.M., White, A.K., Mieruszyski, S., Doggett, K., Lee, M.F., Chakroun, A., Abdel Aleem, A.K., Rousseau, J., Magnani, C., Roifman, C.M., Campeau, P.M., Heath, J.K., and Kanadia, R.N., 2021. Disruption of exon-bridging interactions between the minor and major spliceosomes results in alternative splicing around minor introns. Nucleic Acids Research, 49(6):3524-3545, [abstract]

2020 Publications

  • Soto-Perez, J., Baumgartner, M., and Kanadia, R.N.  2020. Role of NDE1 in the Development and Evolution of the Gyrified Cortex. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 10.3389/fnins.2020.617513, [abstract]
  • Drake, K., Lemoine, C., Aquino, G.S., Vaeth, A.M., and Kanadia, R.N. 2020. Loss of U11 small nuclear RNA in the developing mouse limb results in micromelia. Development, 147(21), dev.190967, [abstract]
  • Olthof, A.M., Rasmussen, J., Campeau, P.M., and Kanadia, R.N. 2020. Disrupted minor intron splicing is prevalent in Mendelian disorders. Molecular Genetics & Genomic Medicine, 8(9), mgg3.1374. [abstract]
  • Cheng, S., Cipi, J., Ma, S., Hafler, B.P., Kanadia, R.N., Brush, R.S., Agbaga, M., and Punzo, C. 2020. Altered photoreceptor metabolism in mouse causes late stage age-related macular degeneration-like pathologies. [abstract]

2019 Publications

  • Olthof, A.M., Hyatt, K.C., and Kanadia, R.N., 2019. Minor intron splicing revisited: identification of new minor intron-containing genes and tissue-dependent retention and alternative splicing of minor introns. BMC Genomics, 20(1), s128-019-6046-x. [abstract]
  • Baumgartner, M., Drake, K., and Kanadia, R.N., 2019. An Integrated Model of Minor Intron Emergence and Conservation. Frontiers in Genetics, 10(1113), fgene.2019.01113. [abstract] 
  • Ostroff, L. E., Santini, E., Sears, R., Deane, Z., Kanadia, R. N., LeDoux, J. E., ... & Klann, E. (2019). Axon TRAP reveals learning-associated alterations in cortical axonal mRNAs in the lateral amygdala. Elife8, e51607. [abstract] 

2018 Publications

  • Baumgartner, M., Olthof, A.M., Aquino, G.S., Hyatt, K.C., Lemoine, C., Drake, K., Sturrock, N., Nguyen, N., Al Seesi, S., and Kanadia, R.N., 2018. Minor spliceosome inactivation causes microcephaly, owing to cell cycle defects and death of self-amplifying radial glial cells. Development145(17), p.dev166322.  [abstract]

2017 Publications

  • Karunakaran, D.K.P. and Kanadia, R., 2017. In Vivo and Explant Electroporation of Morpholinos in the Developing Mouse Retina. In Morpholino Oligomers (pp. 215-227). Humana Press, New York, NY.  [abstract]

2016 Publications

  • Karunakaran, D.K.P., Al Seesi, S., Banday, A.R., Baumgartner, M., Olthof, A., Lemoine, C., Măndoiu, I.I. and Kanadia, R.N., 2016. Network-based bioinformatics analysis of spatio-temporal RNA-Seq data reveals transcriptional programs underpinning normal and aberrant retinal development. BMC genomics17(5), p.495.  [abstract]

2015 Publications

  • Karunakaran, D.K.P., Chhaya, N., Lemoine, C., Congdon, S., Black, A. and Kanadia, R., 2015. Loss of Citron kinase affects a subset of progenitor cells that alters late but not early neurogenesis in the developing rat retina. Investigative ophthalmology & visual science56(2), pp.787-798.  [abstract]
  • Baumgartner, M., Lemoine, C., Al Seesi, S., Karunakaran, D.K.P., Sturrock, N., Banday, A.R., Kilcollins, A.M., Mandoiu, I. and Kanadia, R.N., 2015. Minor splicing snRNAs are enriched in the developing mouse CNS and are crucial for survival of differentiating retinal neurons. Developmental neurobiology75(9), pp.895-907.  [abstract]

2014 Publications

  • Banday, A. R., Baumgartner, M., Al Seesi, S., Karunakaran, D. K. P., Venkatesh, A., Congdon, S., ... & Kanadia, R. N. (2014). Replication-dependent histone genes are actively transcribed in differentiating and aging retinal neurons. Cell cycle13(16), 2526-2541. [abstract] 

2013 Publications

  • Karunakaran, D.K.P., Congdon, S., Guerrette, T., Banday, A.R., Lemoine, C., Chhaya, N. and Kanadia, R., 2013. The expression analysis of Sfrs10 and Celf4 during mouse retinal development. Gene Expression Patterns13(8), pp.425-436.  [abstract]
  • Karunakaran, D.K.P., Banday, A.R., Wu, Q. and Kanadia, R., 2013. Expression analysis of an evolutionarily conserved alternative splicing factor, Sfrs10, in age-related macular degeneration. PloS one8(9), p.e75964.  [abstract]
  • Banday, A.R., Baumgartner, M., Al Seesi, S., Karunakaran, D.K.P., Venkatesh, A., Congdon, S., Lemoine, C., Kilcollins, A.M., Mandoiu, I., Punzo, C. and Kanadia, R.N., 2014. Replication-dependent histone genes are actively transcribed in differentiating and aging retinal neurons. Cell Cycle13(16), pp.2526-2541.  [abstract]

2012 Publications

  • Mangul, S., Caciula, A., Al Seesi, S., Brinza, D., Banday, A.R. and Kanadia, R. 2012. October. An integer programming approach to novel transcript reconstruction from paired-end RNA-Seq reads. In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Biomedicine (pp. 369-376). ACM.  [abstract]

2011 Publications

  • Mai-Anh Huynh, Yoshiho Ikeuchi, Stuart Netherton,  Luis de la Torre-Ubieta, Rahul N. Kanadia, Judith Stegmüller, Constance Cepko, Shirin Bonni, Azad Bonni 2011, An isoform-specific SnoN1-FOXO1 repressor complex controls neuronal morphogenesis and positioning in the mammalian brain.  Neuron Volume 69, Issue 5, 930-944, 10 March 2011  [abstract]

2008 Publications

  • Rahul N. Kanadia, Victoria E. Clark, Claudio Punzo, Jeffrey Trimarchi and Constance Cepko.  2008, Temporal requirement of the alternative splicing factor Sfrs1 for the survival of retinal neurons.  Development. Vol 135(23), 3923-33.  [abstract]

2006 Publications

  • Rahul N. Kanadia, Jihae Shin, Yuan Yuan, Stuart G Beattie, Thurman Wheeler, Charles A Thornton and Maurice S. Swanson.  Reversal of RNA mis-splicing and myotonia following muscleblind overexpression in a mouse poly(CUG) model for myotonic dystrophy.  2006.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA.  August 1st; 103 (31):  11748-53  [abstract]
  • Lin X, Miller JW, Mankodi A, Rahul N. Kanadia, Yuan Y, Moxley RT, Swanson MS, Thornton CA. 2006.  Failure of MBNL1-dependent postnatal splicing transitions in myotonic dystrophy. 2006. Human Molecular Genetics.  July 1st; 15 (13): 2087-97  [abstract]

2005 Publications

  • Rahul N. Kanadia, Yuan Yuan, Michael G Poulos and Maurice Swanson.  2005.  Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics.  Book of Abstract Albany 2005 Vol 22, No. 6 June
  • Yuan Yuan, Rahul N Kanadia, Maurice S. Swanson.  2005.  Impact of Unstable Microsatellites on RNA processing (Review).  CHEMTRACTS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  18(3):  129-140

2003 Publications

  • Rahul N Kanadia, Johnstone KA, Mankodi A, Lungu C, Thornton CA, Esson D, Timmers, Hauswirth WW, Swanson MS.  2003.  A muscleblind knockout model for myotonic dystrophy.  Science. 302(5652): 1978-80  [abstract]
  • Rahul N Kanadia, Urbinati CR, Crusselle VJ, Luo D, Lee YJ, Harrison JK, Oh SP, Swanson MS.  2003.  Developmental expression of mouse muscleblind genes Mbnl1, Mbnl2 and Mbnl3.  Gene Expr Patterns. 3(4): 459-62.  [abstract]

1999 Publications

  • Kuo WN, Rahul N. Kanadia, Shanbhag VP, Toro R.  1999.  Denitration of peroxynitrite-treated proteins by 'protein nitratases' from rat brain and heart.  Mol Cell Biochem. 201(1-2): 11-6.  [abstract]
  • Kuo WN, Rahul N. Kanadia, Shanbhag VP, Morgan R.  1999.  Modification of proteins and polynucleotides by peroxynitrite.  Cytobios. 99(390): 47-55.  [abstract]
  • Kuo WN, Rahul N. Kanadia, Shanbhag VP.  1999.  Denitration of peroxynitrite-treated proteins by "protein nitratases" from dog prostate.  Biochem Mol Biol Int. Jun; 47(6):1061-7.  [abstract]

1998 Publications

  • Rahul N. Kanadia, Kuo WN, Mcnabb M, Botchway A.  1998.  Constitutive nitric oxide synthase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.  Biochem Mol Biol Int. Sep; 45(6):1081-7.  [abstract]
  • Kuo WN, Rahul N. Kanadia, Mcnabb M.  1998.  Soluble guanylate cyclase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.  Biochem Mol Biol Int. Jun; 45(1):125-31. [abstract]

1997 Publications

  • Kuo WN, McNabb M, Rahul N. Kanadia, Dopson N, Morgan R.  1997.  The presence/absence of Bcl-2, Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase IV, calretinin and p53 in baker's yeast and wheat germ.  Cytobios. 91(364):7-13.  [abstract]

1996 Publications

  • Kuo WN, Jn-Baptiste JB, Rahul N. Kanadia, McNabb LD, Zhai L, Weeks K, Dopson N, Chambers MC.  1996.  Immunoreactivities of m-calpain, calpastatin, nitric oxide synthase, myelin basic protein and dynamin II in baker's yeast, wheat germ and lobster tail muscle.  Cytobios. 87(351):251-63.  [abstract]