2020 Updates

08-31-2020 Welcome to the new graduate students of the Kanadia Lab: Saren Smith, Madisen Lee, and Beom Jin Park.

08-17-2020 Congratulations to Alisa White for being awarded the UCONN Neuroscience Fellowship!

08-14-2020 Go check out Kyle Drake’s Newest publication in Development! https://dev.biologists.org/content/147/21/dev190967

Congrats to Kyle for successfully completing his qualifying exams!

04-2-2020 Introducing Dr. Anouk Olthof! Congratulations Anouk for successfully defending your thesis and receiving your Ph.D. in PNB.

02-15-2020 Congratulations Anouk on accepting a PostDoc position with Dr. Svejstrup at the Crick Institute, London, UK

2019 Updates

10-04 Congratulations Alisa White on a fantastic talk at the Prader-Willi Syndrome Conference in New Orleans.

08-22 Congratulations Kyle Drake on the Launch of In Vivo podcast.

MIDB was launched, Congrats Anouk! https://midb.pnb.uconn.edu

06-03 Happy Birthday Gabby

06-03 Anouk at CSHL

05-29 Good Luck Anouk Olthof with your poster presentation at CSHL 84th Symposium on RNA Control & Regulation

05-14 Welcome Gabriela Tirado-Mansilla and Fallon Ratner to the Kanadia Lab

05-14 Congratulations Gabriela on being selected as a MARC Scholar

05-11 Congratulations Dr. Marybeth Baumgartner for receiving your Ph.D. in PNB

05-10 Congratulations Anna Vaeth on receiving your Bachelors in Science in PNB

04-26 Congratulations Jeffrey Rasmussen for being selected as a Beckman Scholar

04-10 Congratulations Jeffrey Rasmussen for being awarded the UCONN IDEA grant